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Divination Tools For Intuition

 Oracle/Tarot Cards 

Oracle Cards are a great divination tool to enhance your natural intuitive abilities.  I have been using oracle cards for years now to further develop my psychic  and intuitive gifts.  Further more divination helps one to understand their own thoughts, feelings and emotions. When I first purchased my very own oracle card deck back in 2006, It was right around the time I met my beloved Twin Flame Dwayne. Looking for answers I was intuitively drawn to an Angel Oracle Deck. As a result I was surprised at my intuitive ability to accurately read for my self. In addition  this lead me to do intuitive readings for others and start up a Youtube channel.

In conclusion I truly believe anyone can learn to use oracle cards, tarot cards and other divination tools, to help enchance their natural intuitive skills.  Its easy fun and spiritual liberating. 

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  • Intuitive/ Insight Readings
  • Divine Feminine Reading
  • Divine Masculine Readings
  • Twin Flame Readings
  • Moon Energy Readings
  • and More


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